By: Chikumbutso Mafupah

Questions flooding the mind what if and what if

What if there is no life after death, will all the time lost on prayers be valued?

What if there is nothing like grace, then where do we position what is claimed to be grace


Then what if there is life after death, where will all the earthiest go

What if there is grace, then will the cursed believe in it?

What if the world will not come to an end, will all people live until forever


What if the world ends today where will I go, is there heaven?

What if there is no haven? Then why did Jesus say he went to prepare a place

What is if there is no witchcraft, then how do we explain magic?


Thoughts that flood the minds, sweeping the soul into temptations

What if…okay then what if will that means all the time I spent on you was a waste

What if breaking the thoughts


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